BEAUTY ANGEL stands for innovative light and wellbeing treatment, meeting the demand for soft and natural skin rejuvenation.

BEAUTY ANGEL uses light in special active ranges to rejuvenate the skin naturally. As we grow older the metabolism of our skin's connective tissue slows down, which leads to a loss of moisture, a drop in elasticity and finally to the formation of wrinkles. The special Beauty Light is absorbed by skin cells (fibroblasts) where it increases the body's own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Small wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes visibly tauter and smoother. As the treatment also helps absorption of cosmetics into the skin, cosmetic products can work particularly effectively. Enjoy this pleasant treatment and just feel great in your skin!

Here you can learn more about the skin rejuvenation using light.

With Energizing Light Technology the BEAUTY ANGEL CHP plus offers a world premier. The combination of visible light and near-infrared is created by the combination of newly developed high-pressure bulbs with specially coated filter glasses and unique glass reflectors. Innovative Energizing Light Technology optimizes the results of photo bio stimulation and creates a new light experience. Supplementary Beauty Light LED's allow the hands to also enjoy effective skin rejuvenation.

The optional sunlight extension to the new BEAUTY ANGEL C 46 sun sun also offers the bio positive benefits of UV. Thanks to the Skin Sensor your personal sensitivity is measured in split seconds meaning that you can be confident of avoiding any sunburn. Combining it with the Beauty Light reduces the unwanted side-effects of tanning such as drying out or tightening the skin. Enjoy the feeling of a golden tan with a youthfully glowing and velvety-smooth skin over your whole body.

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